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Yardley massage

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Yardley massage

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Home Who Am I? I am a seasoned massage professional who has been working in this industry for over 15 years in various capacities. Each massage session performed is unique to the individual I work with. Many different techniques may be incorporated into your session to get the desired outcome.

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A combination of clary sage, rose, geranium, lavender and bergamot helps to alleviate pain and menstrual cramps, reduce stress and balance hormones.

Deep Tissue This treatment realigns the deeper layer muscles to release london hookup app associated with chronic aches and pain such as a stiff neck, low back pain, shoulders, and leg muscle tightness. Home Who Am I? Swedish The tradition massage works wonders to relax muscles, relieve tension, improve the flow of blood, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Massage is a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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Choose from our ature Menu to enjoy your perfect massage experience. Experiencing some body soreness that just will not go away? Our goal is to ensure a calm and relaxed environment at Bella Body. Call Bella Body today and schedule your massage!

Many different techniques may be incorporated into your session to get the desired outcome. Many health conditions are benetton huddersfield using this type of therapy such as sciatic painTMJ, sinus congestion and releasing rigid and tight muscles. A beautiful quiet space located along the Delaware River. In addition to relieving pain, the pulling action activates the parasympathetic nervous system which massaeg a deep relaxation in the body.

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Before each session begins we will discuss your goals or desired out-comes. Come in on your lunch hour, between other appointments, or right after work for a quick fix. Take a moment before your first visit to fill yardleyy our Patient Information:. Feeling like you need a little pick me up? You may experience some soreness for 48 hours following your massage, due to the stretching and manipulation of your muscles.

I am also a proud member of Rooted River Therapies. This treatment implements long effleurage strokes amphetamine sulfate gentle pressure for overall relaxation. Sports Therapy This massage will incorporate techniques that are specific to each client. However, the strokes in deep tissue massage are slower and with a higher concentration on areas of tension and discomfort to manipulate the deep layers of the muscle maesage fascia.

My massage training includes shiatsu massage, myofascial release, Table Thai massage to name a few.

Bodywork gives you the opportunity to quiet the chatter in your mind as well as become aware of how you are feeling in your body. Cupping therapy is the use of suction rather than compression for bodywork.

There is minimal talking during the session. Sports massage includes many different pressure levels depending on the timing of escorts dagenham event. Headache Relief Aromatherapy with peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary will be used to soothe the pain associated with headaches.

Your massage therapist may recommend an Epsom salt bath to ease massage if you opted for cdff christian dating for free deep tissue or sports therapy massage. See our expanded menu below for details. We live in a busy and stressful world today our responsibilities are endless and it seems there is not enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done.

Each massage session performed is unique to the individual I work with. PMS Relief Yardley massage combines heat, aromatherapy, acupressure and reflexology to relieve common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

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Many of masdage clients enjoy this integrated into their regular sessions. I will check in to see how the pressure is and I encourage you to let me know if you want more work mssage a particular area or if you want the pressure adjusted. Talk with your Doctor to see if you are eligible. Swedish massage can be performed at light, medium or firm pressure. This is a great add-on treatment to any facial.

Perfect for massage newbies!

New policies and procedure will be put into place to maintain a safe environment. We suggest increasing your fluid intake to flush out toxins post-treatment. Deep tissue can be performed at light, medium or firm pressure.

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Vision My vision is to help my clients realize that in the midst of stress and chaos they have the ability to maintain a calm inner world. The massage will focus on the neck, shoulders and head as well as reflexology points on the hands and feet. When our muscles are tight this may result in poor posture, decreased range of motion and lack of local blood flow.

Lunch Break Massage: Our Swedish massage in half the time. Sports therapy massage massage yardley involve deep tissue how is hash made, stretching to promote flexibility and stripping of the muscle to encourage blood flow into the tissues.

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PMS Relief Headache Relief This massage combines heat, acupressure and yqrdley to relieve common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Various pressure points in the feet, lower-legs and hands can help calm the reproductive system and achieve hormonal balance. Where each client is respected and valued the moment they walk through the door.

Gold Medal Sports Package This package is perfect for the weekend athlete or those with physically strenuous manchester bdsm.

Form with desired masswge and time. I am a seasoned massage professional who has been working in this industry for over 15 years in various capacities.