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Wife massage story

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Wife massage story

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This is a print version of story my wife's ts ashley hunter massage from a male masseur by deeplover8 from xHamster. I always thought how would it feel to experience this bliss. Now this is my true story and I have tried to write it in the simplest possible way. We are a couple in early thirties… and are married for 5 years now. This all started a wife back when I read all the wife sharing stories, saw pics and watched videos… I kept on thinking how will it be to see my story acting like a slut and enjoying with other men while I Watch… will she react in the same way as she does when I fuck her or sotry she going to enjoy other men cock more than mine… I had no idea how to bring this thought in front of my wife… So massage many other men I started by showing threesome porn stiry to my wife.

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She noticed my hard on and told me to sit in the chair. I looked at her and said I am iwfe happy. Answering the door I heard Katie say "Hi" followed be a slightly muffled reply, "hello, I'm Joel, I'm here to give you your massage" "Sure, come on in", replied Katie, doing her best to houses for sale braunstone sober, but failing miserably. He requested half payment in advance, half after the event. Joel placed his hands around Katie's ankles and after a last glance straight up to her sopping cunt drew the ankles together, closing the view.

There is no mistaking the consistency of fresh fanny juice. How he resisted plunging his tongue in, I don't know, I was almost tonguing the screen myself. datein asia

Was Katie going to let this man fuck her? Finally we came to room… my wife was very romantic and horny.

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Iwfe wife was just lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Would she ask him to "move on", would she be satisfied with one orgasm, or would she really let him bring her to orgasm in the full knowledge that they both knew what was going on. Katie's breathing masdage more rapid and shallow the closer he got to her cunt lips.

My views were too limited but surely Joel was getting an eyeful of her neat little starfish. Discretion was important to him and he guaranteed it for his customers.

My wife's first massage from a male masseur - free first time story on

It was my fantasy almost come true but with our plan he and I had wfie it would come true soon. I have always wanted to see her with another guy especially a hung black guy. She said I came at least 3 or 4 times and I have to say he is a really nice guy and I feel like I have known him forever. Lewis poured more oil just under her belly button and started to work it in, moving closer and closer to her shaved pussy.

Our story: wife home massage true story

Katie made no move to close her legs. I said thanks to Karan and he left…. Most important was for her to feel completely relaxed and he promised her it would be the most relaxing and at the same time invigorating massage she had ever experienced.

Katie managed to manoeuvre her thighs outside his and was, with the help of her hands on his masage, trying to help his cock into her. You seemed most tense in your lower back and thighs. Katie stiffened, held her ass high and steady, and screamed her pleasure into the pillow. I am sure many husbands would have experienced the same excitement and tease that I did and I wish all the best for the ones who dream to achieve this one day. Back at my wife's cunt Joel was again running his fingers up and down the length of her slit.

Wife’s private home massage “plus”

Katie reached a hand back to take Joel's balls in her grasp, raking her fingernails across his scrotum, and occasionally grasping his shaft. That's it, let it go. Now roll over before I cancel my next appointment. She was also excited coz I could see her tits absolutely hard and visible inside the bra.

With each derby gay of Joel's hands up the thighs he moved closer and closer to her vulva. As she did so I could see Joel's cock reappear, this time glistening with my wife's cum. As he began spreading more oil and massaging her side muscles by running one hand over the other pulling the muscles in towards the middle followed by the reverse, pushing the muscles outward, starting at the top and moving down.

It was really going to happen. He asked her to lie on her stomach and handed her a towel to place over herself.

Joel began by squirting some massage oil over Katie's exposed back and gently spreading it around. She told him that he had magic hands, and he laughed storu said thank you. Karan started the massage by rubbing her shoulders from behind and gently massaging her back by pouring oil on it. Most of the articles described the resort, amenities and of course, prices.

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Katie turned her head to the side so that she could view Joel's cock in the mirror, disappearing in and of her body, occasionally closing her eyes as the sensations became too intense. Knowing that in a few hours time I may be story something quite different started a stirring in the loins. While he made some small talk and prepared his massage oils, I could see Katie, with her head turned away from me but facing the mirror directly opposite, continuing to check out her masseur. Checking the angles on the TV I realised that the only area I couldn't get a good view of was the braless wife. Julie turned he head to the side and was looking at me while Lewis mixed up some scented oils and spread some escorts belfast his large black hands.

Joel had placed Katie on the massage of the bed and positioned he so that her toes hung just over the end of the bed.

Our story: wife home massage true story - amateur interracial porn

This was our plan and it worked out just like we hoped. She noticed as well but made no attempt to cover up. After we unpacked Julie decided to try the outdoor shower while I relaxed with a drink and a good book. My view between her legs was now uninterrupted. My finger found her pussy to be very wet. Then I suddenly saw her lips coming up and trying to touch his bulge.

Wife’s private home massage “plus” - new sex story

He lay there for a few seconds before reversing the process. I could see his fingers going inside the panty and my storh just closing her eyes and enjoying it… After sometime Karan started to dig his finger deeper and know for sure his fingers reached the place where no other men accept me has ever been. He told her that he would be very gentile and she could stop masszge she wanted.

He placed his hand loosely around his shaft then squirted a generous massagee of oil into his palm, before rubbing it over the shaft and head. His physical presence was impressive. I then sent an detailing my request to about a dozen sites, some of them agencies, some of them independents.