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What type of girl are you

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What type of girl are you

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What would you most likely wear? Aer have a great sense of style and you love to party! You cannot stay inside all day, and you have to go out and do something.

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I'm the smart one, but I can't relate to her right now Remind her of everyone who loves her Text everyone in my yoy and tell them all about the girl crying about her daddy. I don't care, codeine based painkillers long as I'm having fun I want to marry a rich celebrity. I love to shop with my friends! I don't have time for someone so sensitive Try to make the person laugh Are you one of the biggest flirts in the western hemisphere?

When people underestimate me. Choose your poison!

Personality quiz: what type of girl are you?

She won't know! After the boring funeral, I throw her a real party! I am a bad person. Humbly admit the truth and clean it up yourself. I have a lot of friends, but most of them I know in real life and I don't talk to them very much. I know everything that is discovered in this world! Ever wondered what kind of girl you actually are?

What type of girl are you?

Are you a diva or a nerd? That's what I deserve The mom who always stands up for her kids An even better scientist that Einstein whwt Your friend's dad dies. Seriously what are you girl? What is your Dream Career? I like sports!

Fun This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. But it usually involved writing fanfictions and novellas. I have a real lot of friends, who I know and talk to in real life.

What type of girl are you?

Super-duper fun-tabulous! While reading through several articles to find out which type you are, almost every article seems to have a different ofwhich can be confusing.

I do not have any friends. Something academic - Scientist, doctor, author, etc.

What type of girl are you really?

I have tons of friends, where half of them I talk to in real life and half of them I don't even know. From first impressions, people may think you are rude, but you are one of the most fun people to be around. I just look at him with a straight face. What most annoys charmley dating site

You don't have any problem erotic message to someone and no one wants to yyou with you. I usually go on the computer. Maybe I can help you with tonight's homework? Ignore them and say "what's your problem?

What do you do? Enjoy and share At the end of the quiz we will give you the result. What a laugh! Explain I have a few very good friends, who aren't stereotyped.

Find out: what type of girl are you?

Normally something that's casual. I get nervous and look away. Normally something that's black and tough looking. I can type up a 34,word document in a minute, and de entire websites in an hour!

What type of girl are you? | howstuffworks

You are really sweet, and kind to people. Normally something that's cheap and geeky. I slap him. I have a couple of friends, who I talk to every now and then. My knowledge.