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This is not meth

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This is not meth

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Contents Summary Teaser As he surveys the RVTravestis londres gives Jesse a stern lecture on how they will conduct business from now on: Walt is to be the "silent partner" who handles the chemistry side of the operation while Jesse deals on the street.

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In his carWalt clutches his newly earned wealth and vents his aggression, high on the rush of what he's just done.

Plot[ edit ] Walt and Jesse come to an agreement: Walt will be the cook and solo mature video partner metth their meth operation, while Jesse will sell their product on the street. Jesse assists Walt and quickly deduces that he has cancer, having had an aunt who also struggled with the disease.

Before he leaves, Walt thks that the crystal he brought with him is in fact fulminated mercury. Walt falsely claims that he has deposited Elliott's check, but later asks the clinic's clerk not to deposit his own check until Monday. There, Walt handsworth escorts a sleeping Jesse wearing a neck brace and asks Skinny Pete to tell him about Tuco.

Official Photos. Act I Walt receiving treatment. Before he can finish his lesson, Walt abruptly leaves to vomit in the men's room, after which a school custodian named Hugo assists him.

Later, Hank arrests a school janitor named Hugowho would have had the keys and had a record for drug possession. Jesse further realizes that the makefriendsonline uk Walt has begun cooking meth ie to financially provide for his family after he dies.

Start it off with an explosion and someone walking away with a bag full of cash and no explanation, we love you. Dragline: Oh Luke, you wild, beautiful thing. Walt also demands no further bloodshed.

Crazy handful of nothin'

Walt feels guilty letting Hugo take the fall and tries to contact Jesse, only to learn about his hospitalization. Meanwhile, Hank metj the gas mask found in the desert to Walt's high school. This is also alluded to in a scene where Walter wins a family poker game by bluffing. The next day, he gives Walt a pre-paid cell phone.

How much of the science in breaking bad is real? - bbc news

Tuco puts some money in a canvas bag, adult contacts bristol ends up savagely beating Jesse. Seeing Walt thiis another bag of material, Tuco calls his bluff and threatens Walt. Walt walks away from the ruined hideout carrying a bag tjis of cash. This, friends, was a fantastic episode. At a cancer support group, Skyler tells Walt she feels he doesn't want her around, and that she and Junior wonder where he disappears some afternoons.

How much of the science in breaking bad is real?

Contents Summary Teaser As he surveys the RVWalt gives Jesse a stern lecture on how iz will conduct business from now on: Walt is to be the "silent partner" who handles the chemistry side of the operation while Jesse deals on the street. When Jesse refuses, Tuco severely beats him and lands him in the hospital.

As he takes a shower the next morning, Walt's hair falls out in clumps as a result of the chemotherapy. A bagful of it looks like crystal meth. When Hank inventories the storage room in Walt's chemistry lab, he finds two gas masks missing along with some glassware.

The next morning, upon finding more clumps of hair falling out, Walt shaves his head completely. Retrieved December 21, Hank and Walt take inventory of the chemistry lab to find other equipment missing, leading Hank to suspect that a student obtained a key to the lab storage room.

Crazy handful of nothin' - wikipedia

Regaining his composure, Walt drives away from the scene with police sirens in the distance. Walt demands to meet Tuco, but Jesse insists that they stick with the less-risky approach of selling small quantities of meth. Silver fulminate can be prepared anonymous gay chat a similar way, but this thie is even more unstable than mercury fulminate; it can even explode under water and is impossible to accumulate in large amounts because it detonates under its own weight.

A "handful of nothing" means that one lacks valuable merh in one's poker hand and has two options: give up or bluff.

Walt throws a piece of the material against the floor which explodes. When Jesse demands bot money up front and attempts to beautifulpeople com with the meth, he is quickly caught by Tuco's henchmen. Jesse gains a meeting with Tuco after getting his friend Skinny Petewho served time in prison alongside Tuco, to vouch for him.

The metg floor is shaken, blowing out the windows and knocking everyone in the room off their feet. Walt leaves the building.

Fulminated mercury | breaking bad wiki | fandom

They also determined that any explosion the size of the one showed chat random alternatives the episode would severely incapacitate or even kill everyone in the room, not to mention set off the rest of the fulminate crystals, which would no doubt kill everyone in the room. The ensuing explosion blows out the windows in Tuco's office, sending debris fallling onto the street below.

At the Crystal Palace and around the city, Jesse sells the new meth batch to eager buyers. Jesse contacts Walt on his pre-paid phone, saying that Skinny Petewho served time in jail ghis Tuco, is willing si introduce him.

Fulminated mercury

Tuco tests the new product. At a family therapy session, Skyler tells Walt that she is concerned about ia missing hours, but he explains that he just likes to be alone sometimes and take walks. Walt says he needs to london female escort alone sometimes, and that he goes on nature walks.

Jesse alludes to Krazy-8 being his distributor until Walt killed him.

Crazy handful of nothin' | breaking bad wiki | fandom

Title meaning[ edit ] The episode title is a part of a line from the film Cool Hand Luke. Decomposition The explosion caused by Walt's fulminated mercury. As we pan up and his face is revealed, the bald man is revealed to be Walt in a flashforward.