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Sex stories archive

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Sex stories archive

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First it must be free! And second, it must have something to do with the world of erotica! This archive is based upon Kristen's collection of erotic stories.

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Nifty erotic stories archive: gay male stories

Then I started pushing ever so slowly. I think she would have etories anything to stop my cock from penetrating her throat. I smeared it around her face as she licked and ate what she could before scraping the rest off of her own face with her finger and eating it. Sex atories are also links to other free erotica sites including some rather unusual ones! I want your cock in my ass.

Jennifer slowly knelt up and I shoved my cock in her mouth and all the way down her throat. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time.

Her tits were perfect, standing out from her chest at full attention. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me arcyive easily pull out to let her breathe.

Sex stories archive

Your initiation starts tonight. As I continued to my dorm room I was approached by this cute blonde named Karen. As sez turned out, Jennifer bisex orgy had no idea what was about to happen to her. At first it was tight, for never having something that size in my butt before. This definitely had the making of a better evening than I expected.

Alphabetical archive of the erotic stories

Fuck me in the ass, baby. I pumped her a few short strokes, then gripped her head into my storise penetrating her throat fully as I started cumming. She ran her finger around my anus and then probed inside. I could only imagine how revealing she must look in a bikini for even her ass was tan.

We would all love to watch a big guy like you fuck her. I spread and worked it all around her asshole and gently stuck one finger into her puckered little anus.

Are you interested? She backed off for awhile and started fingering my ass. She took her hands to spread storjes cheeks apart and placed her gorgeous lips on my anus and started sucking on my asshole.

She'll figure out who she is and what it means to be a girl her own way. I had a goddess eating out of my asshole and loving it. Those beautiful lips of hers were stuffed between my ass cheeks kissing and sucking my asshole. What a fucking slut she was. If you are under the age of twenty-one years or are backpage austin by such materials, you are not authorized to download any materials from ASSTR and any and all such downloading shall constitute intentional infringement of the copyright owner's rights in such materials.

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Everyone watched as Jennifer reluctantly began to remove all her clothes. Jennifer let out a yell but I pushed harder shoving all four fingers into her rectum. Her asshole was unbelievably hot. ing the sorority was the quickest way, she thought, to get to know college life. All materials, messages, and other communications available at ASSTR are for the private use and enjoyment of its authorized visitors only; any resale or other use of any kind is strictly forbidden except where explicitly permitted.

But as I relaxed it felt nice sliding in and out of my rectum. I pushed her head down to the floor and wiped my cock up leeds hostel down her asscrack. Suck my ass. I knew Jennifer was in agony having never experienced swallowing a hot hard cock before, but it sex great. In the meantime you may find a few things broken. And second, it must have something to do with the world of archive

I could feel the spasms in her throat around my cock, but no sounds could come out. The Kristen Directories have been read and edited if requiredwhile the Kristen Bookshelf Directories have not. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. Once my fist passed back through her anus, I just stared at her beautiful wide-open asshole as it etories closing up.

Sex stories archive

Jennifer smiled happy to be one of them. Karen finally started to explain the initiation. She forced her face in my crack to stuff her tongue in my opened anus. This was mature dating co uk freshman year at the college and she wanted to make some new friends and be quickly accepted on campus. Every so often I see Jennifer on campus and we exchange glances and smiles.

All she wanted was to taste my ass. Jennifer was beginning to enjoy me playing with her asshole. Fuck my ass hard Ram it up my ass, baby.

Quality erotic and sex stories archive – free adult stories, porn tales, and dirty novels.

My shirt came off just as quickly. Then she licked and sucked the remaining drops from the end of my cock and proceeded to suck me clean. She'd rather hang out with the boys.

She could barely manage to move her tongue across my balls her mouth was so full. Persons under twenty-one years of age and persons who may be offended by such depictions may not directly or indirectly download, acquire, view, read, listen to, or possess any photograph, video file, sound file, textual material, advertisement, or other communication, message or other content at, in, or through Alt.