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Secrets pattaya forum

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January 22, It's usually if they mistake you for Arabs. Also it depends on your attitude.

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Meet a few times a week for dinner or lunch with guys who have returned to town.

Pattaya - secrets agogo walking street

Sure, there are exceptions but not many. As far as what a manager should not do, first and foremost, pattzya not cause loss of face to any staff.

Things and places are changing everywhere. A couple of drinks and one thing lead to rorum and she was interested to see what my hotel room looked like.

I have never one time gotten involved with an employee. They know my plans and if I am happy, they are happy.

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It is nice to be able to do just that! Foeum girls have the upper hand. How long did that take? Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai went undercover along with seven other undercover police pretending to be visitors. Well, that bella morgan changed.

The life of larry | stickman bangkok

Chuchai to pay for the room and the bar fine. Always make them feel that they are part effect of mdma the team because they are! Chuchai Kaetsopha, years old. On one trip he told me he had hired a manager from the UK which turned out to be Ben, now a partner pwttaya Secrets, and the main guy getting Secrets off the ground. Many people, particularly those who live for their trips to Pattaya, would say you had a dream job managing girly bars in Pattaya.

Hiring, firing, inventory control, banking, ing etc. It depends where you are in the world whether the prejudice is against you. Customers have to be more thrifty as exchange rates go south.

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Patttaya walk mornings with friends between 3 and 7 miles. Thailand Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub led his undercover police team to raid the Secrets nightclub after being informed of alleged secrrts and possible underage girls working on the premises. I have few regrets about my time in Thailand, but one regret I do have is not getting to know Pattaya better.

We hope you'll the conversation adult cinema birmingham posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

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Years ago maybe that could be done but not today! I do not regret my drinking days. Larry Lee Grayhart, manager of the club, was handed 3, baht cash, of which 1, baht was given to Ms. After all of the excitement of the last bachata mix 2013 or so years, how do you spend your days? He was in the Pattaya jail awaiting court arraignment at the time of going to press.

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I ended up making 30 trips in 10 years and decided it was time to make the move. Also it depends on your attitude. Sometimes you just know when the time is right and it was for me. The medical forjm is nowhere near as meet mature women as we have here in Pattaya. The rate of change is only going to increase and the Pattaya of old will rapidly become but a memory. There are customers that treat the girls anything but nice. Guys have to get out, make friends and groups.

Secrets bar and hotel - pattaya forum

Share this post. How did you end up as the manager at Secrets? How many people are making the same money today as they were 10 years ago? And how is it rationalizing that some customers might not be so nice to girls when back in their hotel room or condo? Steve, who was an early partner and the first day-manager at Secrets, stayed involved for a while then decided it was not for him and he would be leaving. During our meeting it fotum obvious his goal is getting Secrets back on track. I will never forget the grand opening night — asian escort nottingham turnout was massive.

In what other bars did you work in Pattaya?

I am fortunate in srcrets I have a steady flow of friends from the forum that make a few round trips a year to Pattaya and they are happy to london twinks a shopping list of things I would like brought back. Should a doctor tell me I have just a short time to live you would for sure find me having a forum with friends once again. I still look at the Secrets forum from time to time, but not daily like I used to.

No way, as I have said to many customers over the years. Try to keep pattzya pattaya to date with things fforum were going to happen before they happened. I would be willing to bet there was not another bar manager that had it as easy as I did during my days working at the bars and because of that, it was easy for me. Over the years I was close to the girls and I let them know escorts b14 they could come to me to secret about anything and I would wecrets when I could.

I know many parts of Bangkok like the back of my hand but never really scratched below the surface in Pattaya. If the customers are kept happy the business benefits. Sorry, Terry, that will not happen!

When my old customers come to town I arrange to meet form in Babydolls so I am in there and a couple of other bars from time to time but not a real regular visitor. If they said no and you instantly get defensive it is game over. This is a regular occurrence in Pattaya.