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My dog fucked me

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My dog fucked me

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I missed him dearly and would often masturbate at night thinking about him shoving his big cock into me while he sucked on my thirty-five-C-tits. My neighbour Lynn, who lives just up the street had bought me a birthday present before he left.

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Dog sex » my dog fuck me

Buy gabapentin uk rolled over onto my hands and knees to get up when I felt something wet and warm on my thighs. The half-cup bra still held my tits out firm, the nipples exposed to the air. He lunged again, this time his front paws landing by my sides, his sharp teeth grabbing hold of my sweater. Then I put on a tight sweater pulling it over me slowly so the material grazed my nipples hardening them even more and heating my pussy slightly again.

I part my cunt lips and let the hot water flow over my clit. I freaked.

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The End. He lunged again, knocking my on my arse again. Soon he stiffened and his huge shaft swelled as he shot his animal cum deep inside me. Thor — a large black Great Dane.

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I let out a gasp as his wet nose brushed against my arsehole and moved down to my slit. My cunt, like a hungry slut, is trying to suck that giant tongue inside, and my struggling and shaking body kept his big nose and tongue banging eog my clit and lips, extending my orgasm longer and longer until I collapsed back onto the bed like a rag doll. I had visions in my head of him ripping my throat out milf cuck eating me alive, after all, Thor stood over five feet at the shoulder.

I groaned as each hammering thrust took his huge canine shaft deeper into my now soaking wet hole. On my hands and knees like a bitch.

He swung his head side to side, throwing the piece of cloth across the room and turned back toward me. Slowly I inched myself into a corner of the living room, and desperately looked for something to help me defend myself.

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I brought my hand back to swat him, but he caught my hand in his mouth and lightly bit down on it. I came and came.

A moan escaped my lips. While in rog shower, I begin to fantasise my husband is in the shower with me. As I picked up my briefcase and purse, I noticed Thor sitting in front of the door with a weird gleam in his green eyes. His tongue bathed my pussy and rubbed my clit like a wet wash cloth.

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We talked for a few minutes, and I said I needed to finish getting dressed for work. My legs, however, held his head like a vice under the control of my lust. My hands caressed my hair, my face, and my breasts.

As he climbed on top of me, I could see his huge red cock, its head the size of a plum, now sticking out of its sheath more like seven or eight inches. Suddenly fukced eyes flew wide open and I gasped as I felt the enormous head of the dog cock thumping around my pussy. I look back and there is Thor is licking my legs.

He released my hand and began to lick my legs again. When escorts clacton are in my country house, it is when more fucjed my dog and I, because we spend a lot of time together and alone, we do not visit just anybody, so we have many hours to have our sexual encounters, we do real days of coitus and endless blowjobs, it is a luxury to have a canine lover as good as mine, and with this fuckes sex video with my pet I prove it.

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eros london shemale Thor kept unloading all the cum that had been stored in his huge dog balls for god knows how long. Lynn trains Great Danes for a living and when she found out we were considering getting do, she gave me Thor. I could feel his hot, moist breath on my chest, then his tongue mf my left breast in a wash of drool and slobber.

On the bottom I started with black garter and fishnet stockings, though as usual I passed on wearing panties and went right to putting on a short black skirt. My drooping head shot up, my eyes rolled back, and my whole body tensed.

My dog fuck me

Here I am, just cheating on him with a dog, no less. His big tongue washed over my cunt and arse as I shivered at the feel of his hot drool running down my thigh.

My cunt is swelling and became soaked with my juices. Now, here I am hunched over on my hands and knees. For fear Or so I told myself it would end up there I began working my pussy in its place.