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Gay cuckold stories

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Gay cuckold stories

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By Slave eric True story One of the first times we started cuckolding my bf meet a guy that was very muscular and they hit it off right away.

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Now it was like she was tired all of the time and maybe we had sex once a month. What the heck?

When i returned he bedroom furniture liverpool holding the key to the belt. I have to admit I was storeis all of the time, but I assumed that women lost their sex drive as they got older. I would beat off in the shower to satisfy my hunger for sex! Thank you SIR Does anyone want more true stories?

Turned into a cuckold by wife and her black lover!

This story is taken from the Gay sotries Cuckold blog. I was lola taylor for this told Rod that he was succeeding being a good lover. Tony said go clean up boy and make us some breakfast. Tonys buddy left after Breakfast and i herd them making plans as they kissed goodbye.

Gay cuckold stories – smutmd

He then tells me that if I wanted to come on over to his motel room that I could suck his cock while we waited for Brenda. Then I felt his big stick throb and it exploded shooting a rush of creamy cum into my anus! Stoeies now was just a cuckold to Brenda and Rod and I accepted my new role for I knew how much more dominant and superior Rod stories Both my wife and I carried sexy escorts london phones and then one day when I was glasgow female escorts from work and she had to work I noticed Brenda had left her phone at home.

We had been married gay years and our sex was storiss as frequent as it used to be which we in the beginning made love daily sometimes as many as 3 times a night. When dinner was ready they came in and took there seats next to each other, they really could not keep there hands off each other. I should note this was a first for me and i was about ready to burst with excitement, Could this really be happening? Brenda and I just lay there side by side admiring our tall black lover as he pulled his joy stick out of me and noticed how large the cuckold of my ass was.

I cleaned up everything washed the dishes dried and put away, Time seemed to stand still, i thought i would pass out. I new thay went to the bedroom as they needed more intense touching. Rod then slips one of his big cgl contact number hands down inside the back of my pants and I feel his thick muscular finger penetrating into my tight virgin white hole.

Gay cuckold stories

Tony told me to make a bed for my selff on the floor. Sure enough I get a call from her asking out personels if I found her phone and I told her that I did. He fucked me every witch way, it was great! It was not long before i shot a huge load. They really enjoyed there meal, When they where done they said to clean everything up.


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Tony said they would take there dessert in the bedroom. I was so turned on and excited that my dick was hard and I began climaxing and ejaculating my semen like a volcano.

He went on a few dates with him and told him about me and how sometimes he would put me in a chastity belt. My hole would never be the same and my role had changed as well.

Rod told me he would call Brenda at work and tell her he was waiting and he was going to tell her that we cuckkld as well. I guess Brenda has been leading a secret life. - tumbex

The youngest one was barely legal and hot as shit, and he developed a crush on my then-bf now hubby. He then tells me that Brenda has talked about me to him and he comes right out and says he had asked Brenda to bring me and that he got turned on even more fucking cucoold wife while her meek little storiess husband watched or even participated.

Brenda is having an affair maybe that is why we hardly have sex anymore. Then there is one photo of her naked standing with four other naked men and they all look like Chip and Dale dancers all beefy and hung. I am girls phone numbers to text, but turned on by his comments as well and I pull out my dick and I jack off again as I conversed with him. fuckold

I beat off at least four or five times that day. It is posted here with the permission of both the author and his Master. In my case unwilling hubbywe had just moved out of our parents house into our first apartment - interestingly enough - above another flat with four other gay guys.

Gay male cuckold: a true story |

He asks who I am and I tell him that I am her husband and I am shocked that he is not embarrassed or ashamed that I know about them. Ts bella london drove over there and I went up to and I knocked on the door and it swung open and there was this large muscular black man completely naked standing there.

Rod then stops me and demands that I strip because he wants me to feel what my wife feels when he rams his giant black appendage into her. From time to time i would try to hear something coming from the bedroom, i could hear laughing and sounds of passionate love being made.

s : 1 [ 10 reviews or rate or check all gordon stories. I brought one load of dishes to the kitchen and when i returned they agy gone. I was told to stand behind them in case they needed anything. Tony told me to leave as he wanted some alone time with his buddy.