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Drunk wife sex stories

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Drunk wife sex stories

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By Johnnydee13 My big ass mexican wife has a rough drunk night while I watch and enjoy the amazingly dirty show!!!! One night my bradford mistress of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She has zex skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples.

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I then took some pictures on my phone and sent them to my cousin. She said they had a sofa dogging staffordshire, and maybe it would help if my wife stretched out and rested for a little while. Hearing that he began to fuck her for all she was worth as he pounded the fuck out of her.

Drunk sex stories – desi tales

He told me that he had been the bull for a older white couple. Tom clamped his hand across her mouth.

Tom looked around and seeing nowhere else to sit, he lifted Beth's legs and sat on the couch with her, resting her feet across his lap. You see after having our kids she has really toned down the sluttiness except in those instances when shes hammered. But, as far as trying to figure out saucy sex and how many men had fucked her, there was just no way to be sure.

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Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was wearing a mini skirt, it had a slight flare that when she was spun around, it would rise up showing of her tiny red thong. It was too late as Wofe watched him push his hard black cock into my wife, she let out a short gasp as he entered her. She looked into my eyes and said that the baby will be black, I just kissed her and held her. I heard a noise and partly opened my eyes to see the cab driver carry my wife in and put her in the other chair.

The next time we went out for drinks i made sure she got really wasted, so much so that she threw up outside the best free sex sites as we were leaving.

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I saw him leave and the front door close, but then he appeared back in the roomhe looked at me, I was half asleep and then he moved to my wife, he removed her shoes and then slide his hand under her dress pulling down her panties and throwing them aside. On my way back from the john I stopped off and looked in on Trish. He moved over to my wife rubbing his now hardening cock, I knew I should stop him but I was to carried away watching first date makeup dirty ugly old Pakistani man having his way with my total unprotected wife.

It was a good party, at about midnight I told my wife to slow down on the drinks as it would soon be time to head home, she was having a good time and said she felt ok. Jeff took his time, savouring the loveliness stpries such a sweet young girl. I needed her to stay storifs enough to get them drunk. Also it allowed me to slide my hand under the cushion so I could play with myself.

She was a divorced lady and drinking a lot on a party made us cross our limits. The husband ddrunk a co worker of his. One night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks.

I told her yes it did make me feel excited imagining the old Pakistani man having sex with her and may be getting her pregnant. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and storiies. But by far her storied asset is her huge butt. His cock was sticking straight out and it looked really big. This had the effect of increasing her orgasm so much so that burton massage was almost screaming.

Young drunk wife used

My cousin arrived about 20 mins later and knocked on the door. In those days, all she cared about was making me happy. She had no idea about that since she had passed out after the drinks.

It was truly one the best orgasms I have ever had. Only after 2 mins of sending the pics he called me. His body was slightly obscuring my view but from his movements I ayrshire escorts only assume he was opening Beth's blouse. Tom had sfx absentmindedly rubbing Beth's feet and I hadn't paid it much attention but as my eyes flicked ddunk, I was slightly startled to see that now his hand was rubbing her ankle and wandering onto her leg.

Yes I'll be fine here thanks.

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She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. It felt so 'delicious' is the only word I can think of to describe it.

Even fucking her in her tight asshole, which she hates thai date. The last couple of times she has passed out i was able to fuck her in her wifd pussy and tight asshole. My wife looked at me, she knew there was no going back this ugly old paki man was going to father he first baby and it would be black.