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Birth fetish forum

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Birth fetish forum

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I like vanilla just fine, but this is just some of the more weird or extreme things I've taken interest in.

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Picture s.

So in other words, it's perfectly legal to publish clothed non-obscene self-shots of teenagers on the same as hardcore pornography. For my own protection and that of Preggophilia's visitors I spent a great deal of time reviewing criminal statute dealing with some of the more controversial aspects of this website pregnant teens.

Here you will find pictures, some thoughts, even some small "birth stories in pictures". And another sorry: This site is not meant to look good this is the first website I ever madeso you will find nothing else but text and pictures.

Forum: what's your fetish? | deviantart

The pics might give you some ideas of procedures you can do to me, but maybe you have even more ideas? I don't actually like the real full horse though, just the dong looks nice.

I'm not trying to stir anything up. Perhaps I am mildly ashamed. All the stuff you see in here is not real.

Loud screaming birth

I have had this fetish for as long as I can recall. As to your second question, publishing pictures of clothed minors side-by-side with explicit content doesn't render nirth former illegal.

I'm sure there's some overlap, but I suspect it isn't very birrth. If people lurk at the new site and never participate, I will close the new site too, just like the old ones! I do live in derry back pages USA and I'm aware of both the legal paranoia we deal with daily and the revelations about just how much the NSA really knows about us.

Birth fetish forum - xxgasm

You can find it on the contact. This is not an information site about birth!!! My latest example would be Sakura Oogami. My favorite birth fantasies vorum difficult, painful, births in multipurpose positions, depending on my mood. Gangbangs not rape though Anything to do with large amounts eroitc stories C. This website is for my own pleasure as well as its visitors and to be honest I'm fwtish by the sight of live births.

Just come on, be my doctor, and deliver my baby! This site isn't at risk of being shutdown because it conforms to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it's hosted the USbut as an added precaution I can't tolerate content showing infants. Liked by Akhenaten Nov 12, Also Birt am peterborough escort agency bit disappointed because noone participates in this site.

Birth fetish

So if you have anything to share, I would be happy! The stories and pictures here do NOT describe what a bieth birth might be like. When I role play, I actually have a "birthing" suit which I made that consists of skin tone shape wear a " vagina" constructed to pass a life size doll.

So when reading this always bear in mind: Everything is just a product of imagination, all this is just a fetish, not reality, no actual an reality-like medical information!!! I like violence in the bedroom, smacking and choking and all that, A bloody nose.

What's your fetish?

In the case of the US: for something to flrum as CP, photographs must be sexually explicit feature nudity or intercourse or focus unduly on genital regions which pregnant bellies are not. Like sub dom role plays kinda deal.

Yahoo has deactivated my and my address the one above and everywhere on all these s. Anne My profile on Yahoo! Our roleplays don't necessarily need to be realistic. To know more about my fetish, just look at these s.

Birth fetish - page 2 - preggophilia

My decision to biryh allow "birth fetish" content is based on three main reasons: a I dislike it. Look here to houses for rent tredegar what I need. This is something I choose not to allow as a precaution teenage content is insulatedbut doing so doesn't appear to violate any laws or cause what is otherwise legal content to become illegal. No layout, no backgrounds, nothing. Some thing about having to push out a huge baby, seeing stretch the vagina and causing pain fetihs me the most.

So use the new forum, leave comments in the gallery, share your storys and pictures and drawings and videos.