About Us

Panther Distributing is a well established wine distribution company located in Wilbraham, Mass. We offer distinctive, sophisticated and unique wines throughout Massachusetts. Each wine is personally tasted and hand selected by us. We pride ourselves on choosing artisan wines produced at boutique wineries in Oregon, Australia, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Washington state. 

Our Wines

Each wine we present is farmed on small, intimate vineyards that produce limited yields. Our wines are dynamic and innovative. The standards by which we choose them are derived purely on quality and respect for the land. They are artisan wines whose producers take the utmost care in each batch, making sure they reflect only the highest standard of their terroir.

Our Story

Panther Distributing's story begins in 2010, but the relationship between the founders, Tony Ravosa, Dan Paquette and Jim Ross goes back even further. 
Having grown up in Western Mass and gone to high school together at Springfield's Cathedral High School (Class of 1982), the three have remained close friends since. All are long-time wine enthusiasts with a background in food or wine to one varying degree or another. However, their involvement in wine did not take on such a prevalent role in their lives until 2010 , when good friend Chris Didden, the founder of 2 Fly Wines, introduced Tony to some of his exceptional Australian labels.
The profound superiority and elegance of Chris's wines sparked an immediate response. 
" The portfolio was one we could talk about with absolute conviction. It was the true clincher for us."-Tony Ravosa
The concept for Panther began with a deep enthusiasm to share, according to Chris Didden, " The best wines never tasted in America."
Though in the beginning, Panther started out with a modest 25 labels stemming from the McLaren Vale region of South Australia, they have slowly increased to more than 50 labels from regions including Oregon, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Washington state. Though other large Massachusetts distributors carry far more sizable books, Panther aggressively plans to ramp up focus on a select few wine regions. The outcome will mean a wider range of more beautiful wines of distinction.
The name Panther was born out of the close friendship between Tony, Dan and Jim and a tribute to their high school alma mater-the Cathedral High Panthers. It symbolizes their deep respect for family, friendship, trust, and reliability --  all of which are the symbols of what Panther Distributing stands for.

Our Philospohy
It is critical to the belief system of Panther that above all else, we are noted for our authenticity. Our wines are sustainable and reliable at any price point. Each of our wines are hand selected by us and we take great pride in working completely hand to hand with both wineries and buyers. Our creed is to deliver exceptional wines at a great value and at an affordable price. Though small, we are dependable. Our passion prevails over our quantity, making us unprecedented in our field. We pride ourselves on delivering big wines from small wineries.